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State of the Back

For what it's worth: still spasming, but beginning to relax. In fact, it is now noticible when the mucsles do spasm as opposed to when they're relaxed. Getting out of bed first thing is interesting, because things relax enough during sleep, then I make them work (and I am log-rolling to my side, then pivoting upright using legs for weight and pushing with my arms). Things do relax, and they are stiff from being contracted in spasm so long.

It's sort of amusing, actually. The RN portion of the Brain keeps a detailed assessment going while all this is happening.


So I am precluded from providing patient care because I can't lift. OK, that's good. It's really good from another point of view too; judgement skills while cruising on flexoral leave some room for question...

Thanks to those who commented.


Jun. 15th, 2005 04:38 pm (UTC)
The RN portion of the Brain keeps a detailed assessment going while all this is happening.

I had a *serious* set of mood swings one afternoon when I was preggers. I was cycling through emotions while washing dishes - the rage was the worst & hubby was lucky I phased into crying 5 min before he got home - and I remember the rational aspect of my brain, sitting in the back, going "WTF?"

Jun. 15th, 2005 05:28 pm (UTC)
When I was taking Flexaril, it made me hallucinate. One day I was in my living room and my office mate walked in with a briefcase. I said, "So, Alex, I'm hallucinating, right?" She snapped briskly, "Of course you are, Singingnettle. Go back to sleep." Later that day my wall turned into a giant screensaver, and I thought, "I know this a hallucination and I can't keep the walls that way, but it's pretty cool."

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