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So, Is It Me, or Is It Flexoril?

Every now and again, I (being one who likes to play with words) look at Spam as a raw resource. Today, as I cleaned up the Spam in the In Box (my ISP so politely provides us with an address to forward Spam; I don't think it really helps, but I enjoy forwarding it along), I started capturing the various subject lines, and strung them together as a nonsense poem. Here's the raw data. Have fun editing it.

Subject Lines From Spam

so have the toddle broadsword
The first time
USA Smallcap Review elliot bliss
Beautiful russian scrapworks girls...

Soaring microcap moving quickly paranormal inspire
Re: do want my underdog parsnip
Re: illiteracy, Introduce me sometime

Is have do stork
He sleep the anywhere journalism
On have an recitative mover
his drive as notify sleuth

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