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Haven't been outside yet, but will be soon. Sunshine this morning, really nice compared to the past few grey days. Not that I mind grey days, it's the change and contrast I like.

So after walking around the place a bit yesterday, not doing much lifting but doing some, and also toddling over to friends for dinner; back is very stiff today. It's not the spasm pain, more like the omygosh I worked those muscles too hard in that workout pain. Well, duh, after several days with spasms. Right now I'm waiting for the flexoril to kick in, then I'll go walkabout a bit again.

I want to check on one goat, who managed to self-apply a tourniquet to herself. Well, with a little help from the lead that R had put on her to try to immobilize her when her kid was having trouble keeping up. This is the doe who probably had a premature kidding, based on size and other clues of her kid. We weren't surprised when the kid didn't survive. The doe's foot was cool to the touch when I found her yesterday morning, and she was laying down so I was able to work on her and get the lead off her foot. She'd tangled the lead in with some sticks, light branches off of oak trees that they'd worried off while munching oak leaves.

The foot was swollen which means there was some blood getting in, so I'm hoping removing the tourniquet is all that she needed. Got to watch that foot over the next few days.

So, time for some breakfast, then a walkabout.


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Jun. 26th, 2005 03:15 am (UTC)
*nods* You watch over that foot, I'll watch over my, , uh, , pay attention to My issues as well, ,

I'm sure you aren't surprised, but staples can be a bit irritating when you Do need to tighten your diaphraghm to cough.
Jun. 26th, 2005 01:46 pm (UTC)
Not surprised at all.

So far, the goat's foot is doing well. I trust you are also.
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