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Week That Was

It's been a week between postings; I've commented in a few places, but not written anything as to the state of the Mad Shutter-bug. Several reasons, but it can boil down to same-old same-old.

Back: still sore, still stiff, getting better. I'm still rather voluntarily than under medical advice limiting my lifting; right around 20 Kg/40 Lb (plus-minus) is the current point where the back says, Um, no. I'm quite literally to a point that I feel if I could stretch far enough, the one vertebrae slightly out of line would line back up and I'd feel a lot better.

Work: has been interesting in the way of that limited lifting; working the computer support side no big worries, in fact I need to get up every couple hours or so to either stretch or walk a bit. No one's complained at me for refusing to lift patients, sort of surprising. Busy overall. Friday was the first day of the new resident year... and went by without a hitch. I suspect a lot more had to do with it being the last day before a holiday weekend than that this year's crew of new residents are that much better. I'm expecting Tuesday to be more along normal July lines on that count.

Haven't been on-line a lot at home on the dial-up, nor carrying the laptop to work with me. Which made for a mildly frustrating week trying to get an upgrade installation of McAfee up and running. There's always that need to update the anti-virus dat files, and now there's an anti-spam module that wants its update. For some reason, the downloads were freezing up. On my wunnerful 26.4 high-speed dial-up, it's hard to tell sometimes if the process is simply trundling along... or frozen. *sigh*

However, it seems to be sorted out now, and the update downloads are simply taking their annoyingly longish times on dial-up. I've been so spoiled by T-100 lines at hospital.

Mary Kitty is settling in after her great adventure trip from Mother Mary's house to KP Ranch. She is an elder cat (at least 13 years old), and has the Four Kittens of the Apocalypse terrified. RasMewSon is courting her (despite her plumbing being broken years ago), and seems confused that his suave, gentlemanly approach is earning him paw-slaps across the face. However, he and Mary Kitty have worked out their groundwork and are getting along.

That is the week that was. Happy July 4th to those who celebrate that holiday. Mamma Munch prefers not to; fireworks apparently sound too much like the Sky Grumbles to her.
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