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I'm off again on another jaunt involving my professional association, AORN (Association of periOperative Registered Nurses). For the past several years, either to save my own money or to conserve AORN funding while serving in some capacity (hence receiving travel expenses), I've flown out of other airports than the one most local to our ranch. However, after talking with some other travelers recently, and since the city of Gainesville went to much trouble to encourage not one but two additional airlines to Fly Hoggetowne, I determined to see what rates could be had flying locally. Indeed, the fare proved most reasonable, conserving quite a bit of AORN funds.

So I found myself once again experiencing the little airport that wants to be. Hmm. Wireless Internet... free. Renovations going on to the terminal; OMG they're adding jet-ways and passengers will no longer need to walk out through the heat/humidity/rain to board or de-plane.

But some things do not change.

The incoming flight was delayed, due to weather at point of origin and a lesser extent at G'ville. Still, we made it into Memphis (yes, Memphis, not Hotlanta!) with about 30 minutes for me to make connections to Denver. Since Memphis is nowhere near the size airport as Hotlanta, no worries... except the connecting flight was delayed as well. By nearly an hour and a half.

Look at the bright side; time to get something to eat, since the airlines aren't providing much in that venue any more on short flights. We did get out by the time they mentioned, and arrived in Denver only an hour late (made up some time in the air). Then I picked up the rental which will transport myself and five or six colleagues about town for the next four days or so, and trundled off to find a hotel I've never been to before.

At least I've been to the area several times before, so getting to the proper exit wasn't difficult. Even drove through a couple brief rain showers enroute. Some very pretty lighting shows in the distance also spiced up the drive. Only made one wrong turn getting off the highway, but found road construction going on where I would otherwise have turned around, so a bit further out of my way than... well... normal. Still, into bed in the hotel by 23:20 (I looked at the clock).

And this morning, early, catching up with some surfing and such before dressing, breakfast, checkout, and transfer to Headquarters, and later to the hotel were the function will be happening.

All via some more high-speed Internet access.

Life is good.
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