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Same place, Different Hotel

Still in Denver; the first meeting is over and the second is started. We shifted hotels today. There may be other ways to go see a place, but since this is very much a busman's holiday, and on someone else's ticket to boot, I go where I'm told.

Which gets sort of odd, since I'm also responsible for running a part of this meeting. Can't go into a lot of detail, as this is related to my office within the association and until we come up with the final product ( a slate of candidates for election ) it's confidential.

On the other hand, I'm still enjoying Interent access. At least for a while, in the evening. I'll be toddling off to bed soon, but it's such a joy to surf the web. Particularly with noting much on Da Tube.

I did acquire another item for a self-portrait concept this weekend, something useful (at least for me) even after the self-portrait is done. It's a textbook on laser surgery written by a friend and mentor of mine within the AORN, and it's autographed. This joins the other two I already have, and now I need only get two more for the five I need... then I'll have the props for the self-portrait. Somewhat in the style of some of the Rennaissance painters, where the items in the portrait told you something about the individual portrayed. Too subtle, perhaps, that they're all autographed (won't show in the portrait), but all five are written (or contain chapters written) by mentors, people I emulate, with my own twist, in pursuit of excellence and promoting the profession of nursing and patient safety.

And, I suppose that the aquisition thereof does constitute working in some photography on this trip. I usually do try to schedule some photography time into these trips, but this particular one (for various reasons) doesn't include the normal amount of time for that. Two years ago when I came (for the same annual conference), I spent the later afternoon walking around the Colorado State Capitol, and that jaunt included photographing the mile-high marker on the capitol steps... both of them! Not to mentioning making a photograph of the city of Denver with the camera at one mile high. Last year, I photographed Pikes Peak, and Royal Gorge (both south of here), as well as an abandoned homestead with a beautiful, eight months gravid lady complimenting the weathered, aged boards and tin tiles.

And there were impressive thunderheads here today. Not a lot of rain, but the thunderheads stacked miles into the sky. Nice displays of lightning out a bit onto the high plains around Denver. Ooo, pretty.
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