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Back Home... For Now

Arrived alive at the Ranch after a weather delay in Memphis. We were the ones stuck in the air going around in big circles for 20 - 25 minutes, so not bad. Our connection was also delayed, so made connections in plenty of time. Got home, didn't unpack, fell into bed, wake-up call came way too soon.

Didn't even start reading the new HP, though it waited patiently for me to get home. Might start reading it tonight, no certainty. Still have to unpack, and then there's laundry. And gotta go see the Border Collie Bros, specially Houdini. Mama Munch proved very happy to see me, even though she'd been up in the bed while Ruthie came pick me up.

A good trip. We put together a good slate of candidates for the next election. There's still much to be done on that count, but the slate is put together.

Now, to work.
Tags: home, nursing

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