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Mundane Things

R is off to Deltona again on family business. I've been to the feed mill and purchased supplies; all the ranch critters are fed. It's been threatening rain, with distant thunder, enough to send Mamma Munch to her safe place. I've a load of laundry in, must go switch over soon.

Read the new HP, and must say: trio of things I'm not surprised at all about, rather expected them, and one thing I'm not surprised about per se, didn't see clearly that it was coming (specific to this piece in the series), but am interested at the way it was worked into the arc.

Thus there are no spoilers. Anyone interested in discussion, feel free to drop me an e or mention it here and I'll drop you one. I expect there's few about who've not read it by now, it being a week from release, but that's not the biggest reason for offering outside discussion.
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