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wedschilde posted this one recently, and I bit. *G* As I mentioned there, considering I've just returned from a jaunt there, and considering (as a photographer) I really, really like the light there...

You're Colorado!

You really enjoy getting high. Even though it's often a lot of work, the
view from the top is almost always worth the effort. Your distance from others makes
your relationship with them rather rocky at times, but they do look up to you. Be very
careful around schools. And stop being quite so focused on the number 5,280!

Take the State Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

Though I wll say, there was at least one question which truly needed to include both answers. Particularly since quite a few of the restaurants in the Denver area feature both on their menues: Do I prefer Surf, or Turf? For myself, the answer really needs to be Both. Makes me wonder what the outcome would be if I'd selected the opposite.
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