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Home Again, Home Again

Actually arrived yesterday afternoon. Quick recap (still tired & also at work as you'll see)...

Trip itself, wonderful. New camera learning curve, fun, did get some excellent photographs. Bought quite a bit of silver, some semi-precious stones, some small textiles, and some sexy new boots. Probably gained some weight. Safe drive home, all good.

On the other hand, got home to discover the friends who were watching the animals didn't do such a good job. Not going into that now, partly because am at work, partly because I still need to sort through things. Also discovered the phone line is out at the house, probably due to a very severe storm on Friday past, so this is the first access to the Internet since Wednesday.

Consequently, didn't see the notes about rum cake until today. Sorry. No rum cake. But did bring home some rum...

Edit to Add: Skippy, did you see Fred this past weekend? Ruthie swears something was touching/swimming around her in the pool aboard ship, and we didn't see any of the much-storied cats at the Hemmingway House in Key West.
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