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Incredible Adventures

You know, two-legged people are mostly pretty nice. I mean, there was this big storm which kinda scared me, and I went looking for Boss. But, he wasn't where he usually is, so I started checking other places for him. Somehow, I lost track of where I'd gone looking, and all the houses were way close together. I think I found the place Mama Munch calls Archer, but I could still smell a little bit of trail, so I followed that. Only, it got weaker when I went past a sign that said "Gainesville 11 miles". There were lots of the four-rubber-footed beasts running by, but Boss told me not to chase those because they are pretty stupid and would run over me. He's right, they're mostly pretty stupid.

But one of them stopped, and a two-legged person got off of it, and offered me a ride to Doc Harbin's place. Since I'd lost track of Boss's scent and this one smelled pretty friendly, I went with em, and Doc Harbin called Mrs. Boss, and now Mrs. Boss called Boss. I know she called him, 'cause I could hear him but I couldn't see him. Really strange. He said he was "at work" and would see me soon, and he was real glad I'm OK. I'm glad he's OK too.

So Doc Harbin's gonna check me out, and help me get rid of some ticks by my ears, then Mrs. Boss is going to take me back to the Ranch. She says Boss will be there shortly. I hope so; I've got to lick his face a lot.

I hope Mama Munch isn't too mad at me.
Tags: border collie bros, work

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