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Nope, Still No Camera Review...

Other than I've been using it a bit. Today, specifically, to document getting those floors done in Studio 318. We're calling it that because there is a BIG "318" on the front of it; that was the lot number we had when this old single-wide lived in town, before becoming a start-up ranch house.

Put down the new HAC vent covers in two of three openings; turns out the other two openings are actually closer to 3 point 5 inches wide, rather than 4. Well, we'll see. Maybe just a bigger hammer...

Then I started on the next stage of the project. We are shooting to get a new side porch built onto the Big House later this year, so we need to move the freezer and a refrigerator off of the pseudo-porch that's there. So I started cleaning off the back porch of 318. Filled up one small half-ton pickup truck, two large bags, and three trash cans. This takes care of about 3/4 of the stuff that was there, but R wants to sort through the remaining one-quarter. Since some of that is either mead or vinegar she bottled nigh on seven years ago, I do believe I'll just let her.

There's also some catering trays and a few pieces of camping gear left by our old tenant. There's also a (probably dead) upright freezer and a (definitely dead) chest freezer. Those should go away, but R is telling me to wait on that. A lot of what went away is old wood that was out there during an earlier repair-renovation stage; I'd left my wood working bench there and did some other work for a while, then it got buried by the old tenant. Can't complain too much, since we only rented to friends.

Cleaned up the woodworking bench and moved it into the Studio; it's in the Kitchen now. Needs a bit more cleaning up (just vacuumed off the cobwebs and dust), and I need to wax the vice screws so they turn easier, but they still turn. All of that is good, because I'll be needing this tool again shortly, to put together some of the other things I need for the Studio. Oh, and found a couple of saws that I haven't been able to find for a while. Those will need a bit more cleaning up than the bench; rust is such a marvelous wood stain. Welcome to Florida, the Land of Wet.

In between all this cleaning and clearing, I also managed to get three loads of laundry done. Well, four loads actually. Two of those loads
are routine we gotta wash the clothes to wear them again. One load is old fabric that had been on the porch, and I wanted to see if it simply needed to be cleaned. Well, no, and yes. There are sections which are salvagable from one piece. The other will probably be thrown out. The last load is new fabric which R took over there to wash, prior to doing some sewing with it. Really nice courderoy, but not for me. It's for a paying customer.

Hey, wait a minute, I pay. So far, I've paid a small ranch, a lot of goats, some cows, and a bunch of buildings...

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