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And Again, Insomnia

Though this time, I do know what woke me. The Border Collie Bros barking up a storm. When I went out to check on things, Squrrel (the usual instigator) quieted down. Cows, chickens, goats, and hogs all calm, cool, collected. No noises in the underbrush nearby, no sounds of invader canine or canid.

But in the copse of trees to the south, straddling the property line between our place and our neighbors, billions and billions of tiny tree frogs sang the Hyla Cinerea Hallelulia Chorus that today's rain made reproduction possible.

On the Carmenetta's Cottage front, all the cross-ties for the ceiling are in place. Next will be wiring three boxes; one for the ceiling fan and light, two for electrical sockets and/or lights. Ruthann also wants the full-length cross-tie 2x4's to go away, and authorized the purchase of a reciprocating saw for the purpose. I purchased castors as well, for one of the old BaM units, but need to purchase mounting hardware yet.

State of the Studio

The new halogen light fixtures replaced the old, dead spots. It seems definitely time for that replacement, as the wiring in the old spots felt... nasty. Once again, we run into the phenomenon of Mobile Home Wiring. Not only are the wires feeling old in the fixtures, but the boxes they were mounted to are specific to mobile homes, not standard electrical boxes. Unlike new mobile homes. This same phenomenon is currently preventing me from putting in the electrical sockets in place of old sconce lights. Custom boxes, not standard.

I'd run into town today to pick up more daylight-balanced studio light bulbs, and looking for other lights and prices for some supplies for the Cottage and the Studio renovations. The students are back in town for University; all the do-it-yourself centers very busy (Home Depot, Lowe's, Target, etcetera). The above-mentioned rain started on the drive home, with lulls strategically timed for:

  • home arrival out of car into house,
  • then after lunch carry supplies into Studio and Cottage
  •  then again after finishing up with the cross-ties in the Cottage for walking over to Studio to hang the halogen fixtures in place of the spots.

The rain, while making tree frogs happy, is less than endearing to the Four Kittens of the Apocalyps (now a year old), their older brother Ras Mew Son, nor Queen Mary Kitty. Alas, such is the feline life.

I really should try to get back to sleep. This morning is (hopefully) the shoot with marjai  and daughter, hopefully both with satyr costumes ready to go. I fully expect chaosloki to stay home and avoid the shoot. *G*

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