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Photo Blogging, the Experiment Continues

So, just days before the Summer FCORN (Florida Council periOperative Registered Nurses) Meeting, held this year aboard Carnival Line's MS Imagination, we found ourselves with enough funds in the account to support the purchase of a new camera for Thomas J. Macheski, dba Mad Shutter-bug Photography. Namely, and to whit, a Nikon D70s digital SLR with an 18 - 70 mm zoom lens.

These photos were made on that cruise, and are the start of the learning curve. While they've all been downsized from their original settings (the first day out, I used Fine Quality, Large, which gave me some impressive JPG's at 3008 by 2000 pixels), they are all still behind a cut for the bandwidth friendliness factor. Each photograph also serves as a link to the larger size image on the LJ Photo Server.

Our first port of call was Key West, where Ruthie and I wandered through the Butterfly Conservatory, then through parts of Old Town.

In the Butterfly Conservatory In the Butterfly Conservatory

Where butterflies are actually not free, as not all of them are native to the Florida Keys. Cool place, though!
Sign-post? Sign-post?

These two sort of look like they're acting as a sign-post... this way to the, um, er, something.
Lunar Moth Lunar Moth

This particular image is cropped out of the larger image.
Quail Quail

Needed to watch where one stepped; not only would the butterflies land on the walkways, these little guys were also running around.
Banyon Tree Banyon Tree

Spotted this on the way to see the Little White House, after leaving the Butterfly Conservatory.
Little White House Little White House

President's Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and more recently Secretary of State Powell used this place.
Originally, It Was Originally, It Was

Originally, this was a duplex home for the Comandant of the Key West Naval Station, and the Paymaster.
Trust Me Trust Me

To spot a sign like this one... one wonders how the Coppertone people feel about this?
Dawn, Saturday Dawn, Saturday

On the way to Cozumel.
Dawn, Saturday Dawn, Saturday

There were a few people passed out in deck chairs. Believe it or not, I'm being nice and not putting their pictures here.
Overlook Overlook

Overlooking the pool area, and morning sunlight.
Lifeboat, #1 Lifeboat, #1

This early in the morning, members of the ship's crew would be out doing maintenance to the lifeboats.
Lifeboat, #2 Lifeboat, #2

Lots of extra life preservers. Mmm, boy, makes me feel better...

Oh, and I was also able to get some of my required Nursing Continuing Education on this cruise.

More later.


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Aug. 25th, 2005 06:33 pm (UTC)
Huh. The LJ engine does a nice job.

Like the photos...the butterflies and one that does not show people in deck chairs are my favorites.
Aug. 26th, 2005 09:05 am (UTC)
So you need to tell me how to do this so I can set up an art feed. BTW, the Banyon tree, the large root to the right looks like a giant squid.
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