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State of the Weekend

Saturday we spent doing laundry, some detail framing out in Carmenetta's Cottage, and a bit of odds and ends cleanup in Studio 318, and keeping track of Katerina. I'm happy to say the lights installed last weekend do provide some nice room illumination; they're also providing some good illumination to the photo wall.

The framing details involve some blocking (technical term... heh) between the rafter/truss conversions. While this does provide increased structural integrity, the biggest reason for this is to provide structure to run wiring on as I extend the lighting circuit and the ceiling fan circuit. So the blocking doesn't span from end to end, only where I'll need to run wiring.

Once that's done, we'll be able to start putting in the insulation, and the ceiling panels themselves. Once that's done, we'll finish insulating the wall at the west end, and panelling the wall. The west end gets more cedar board, and once the walls are paneled I'll be building in a closet wall including sliding doors with full-length mirrors. Before we do the closet, though, I want a final decision from Ruthie regarding floor covering: vinyl, or indoor-outdoor carpet. If vinyl, I think we'll put that down before framing in the closet.

Cleanup over in Studio 318 really was just that; sweeping the floor (some of it freshly produced sawdust from cutting the framing pieces for the Cottage), wiping down the wood-working bench better than last w/e and vacuuming it off as well, and picking up some things left over from the shoot last Sunday.

Speaking of the shoot, I'm thinking of using that work to show how a bit of pre-planning could prevent a lot of post-session work. *G* Nothing bad, the photos came out well. I simply opted to use the Auto mode instead of the Portrait mode, which means I need to work with the background a bit in post-production. Give's me an opportunity to make comments about working in a studio, something new to me after 30 plus years photographing all kinds of people, places, and things.

Today I'll finish up the blocking, then I'll be working on my own projects. The game plan is, half a weekend on Cottage, half a weekend on Studio (or me). Next weekend is a holiday weekend meaning there's a third day off of hospital. I'm very seriously considering putting in a day-trip appearance at Trimaris' 20th Year Celebration, even though I've not been active in SCA for years. It's sounding like a chance to catch up with some old friends I've not seen a lot of, as well as connect with a few new friends. Since Ruthie is planning on doing the whole weekend (fund-raiser for the Shire), I'm looking to daytrip with chaosloki, who's got the same intentions I do.

But just a daytrip; then it's back to the game plan to Mantar la cocinera contenta (Keep the Cook Happy)!
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