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Brief Asides

Took a long way home yesterday, in order to take advantage of sales at Joanne Fabrics. Herself needed some more (very specific) bias tape for a banner project related to SCA. Myself needed fabric for backdrops in Studio 318.

Hunted and gathered seven yards (plus a touch) of 52" wide faux black leather patterned like reptile skin, which is grey base fabric on the opposite side. This will be used for double-sided backdrop for seated portraits and other items, with some left over to drape onto stands of some sort. Also gathered in a total of 17 (plus a bit) yards of 60" wide cotton duck, royal blue color, which will replace the blue trigger backdrop improvised out of my old camp curtains from my own SCA days. The faux leather was on sale (30% off), and the blue cotton duck was purchased using Herself's Preferred Customer 40% Discount Coupon.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled life.
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