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The Sun Comes Up In the Morning


Kittens of the Apocalypse Alarm Clock.

No, my toes are not kitty toys.

I just love rural north baja georgia dial-up connections. Forget loading graphic images. Look at the photo-inclusive posts later. The only exeption, check my feedback on images posted; simply stop the download when the text is displayed, don't wait for the photos. They're my photos, after all, and I do know what they look like.

Must do a hog-feed run today. This morning.

And work on SWMBO's computer, replacing and configuring a new hard drive.

And pack bags, because tomorrow I'm off on a short-notice GE Healthcare Technology related trip. A week in Scenic Tennessee, wonderful photo opportunities... which will mostly be missed because it's training classes time. Well, there will be opportunities for more things than training. *G*

Coffee. Need more coffee.
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