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The Week So Far

Just what have I done on this week away from hospital in scenic Knoxville?

Two days of training classes so far. These constitute primarily review of what's different in this newest version of the software I help administer in my workplace. For the majority of people here, that includes a bit more information than for myself. This is because we've been the Beta site for this upcoming release, the others here are working on implementation of an upgrade, and some of them are only starting on that upgrade so haven't done a lot yet.

It's also included feedback reviews on process, and discussion regarding the effectiveness of the software in meeting our needs. This has been interesting, and provided all of us with a comparison of how different facilities are supporting their systems.

There are two new components which will be covered in the next two days (primarily Thursday and then Friday morning). And I've picked up a bit better understanding of how some changes involving integration of the two seperate packages we've been using will affect us. Despite my being one of the major supporters of the OR's computer system, staffing requirements put me into direct patient care for about half of this Beta implementation. Hence, I missed some of the details. Good that I get this exposure now, because those details to touch my area of responsibility. Now I've a bit better handle on some things to be done, and really wish I'd had this information much earlier on. Would have simplified some of my work that I did squeeze in between being days doing surgery.

I'm sorry to say I've not had time for photography. I mean, yes the company we do business with paid for my travel expenses, and my employer is paying me to work while I'm here. But come on now, what are the priorities? Most of what I've done is the odd snap of the view from out hotel, or of the people here from the different facilities.

And eating. Knoxville may not have the same culinary reputations as San Francisco, New York, or beset New Orleans. Good food, though, is to be had. Yesterday we drove down to the Copper Cellar on Cumberland, right on the edge of the University of Tennessee campus. I ordered filet mingon with grilled shrimp, asparagus with a bernaise sauce, and salad. The house dressing is a creamy honey mustard, which was good, but the greens the previous two places were better. On the other hand, the steak and shrimp were delicious, the steak being powdered with a spice mixture (including pepper, but my palate isn't quite that discriminating thanks to my less than totally active sense of smell). I can recommend the place, but I'm not sure I'll loose much sleep if I don't get there again. On the other hand, I could go back to the same place as it's something of a two-part restaurant. Upstairs from the Copper Cellar is the Cumberland Grill.

Now it's time to get into the shower and prepare for another day of educational activities.

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