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Boring... boring boring boring...

You have been warned.

Backing up some files on my laptop; as mentioned previously it's working fine but is old. Battery appears to be functioning again, and I need to run the battery utility to get a true idea of what condition it's in. Provided me enough juice on the flight home so as not to scare me again. Ruthann's got a laptop provided by her brother which also needs a battery, so we'll probably buy batteries.

Also installing software on her new desktop mini-tower. She will be a much happier camper when that is complete. Micro Shaft Orifice is installed, and she's currently accessing the Internet through a 60 day free trial of A O Hell. After dinner this evening I shall install the dial-up software for her to access A T & T Whee, at which point she'll tell AO etc Bye Bye.

That, and laundry. Which is done. So this is short behind that cut. I told you it was boring.

Tags: home, housekeeping

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