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LJ Interest Meme

Not the usual I recall seeing...

LJ Interests meme results

  1. art:
    Passion. Lifestyle. Preference.
  2. books:
    I read, therefor I am. Read quite a variety of things. Save books, too. Often, save too many books.
  3. chocolate:
    Profoundly, devotedly, ademantly, unrepentantly a chocoholic.
  4. food:
    Despite the fact that my sense of smell works not so well, this is perhaps second or third or tenth on the list after art. Then again, good food is good art.
  5. interesting people:
    Are much more fascinating than boring people.
  6. life:
    It's what's for doing.
  7. music:
    Once upon a time, I could even play some.
  8. nursing:
    Passion. Profession. Livelihood.
  9. photography:
    Primary means of expression re. #2 Art.
  10. poetry:
    Secondary means of expression re. #2 Art.

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