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If It's Wednesday, It Must Be


Started off the day setting up to test a potential problem just observed. Got part way into that, and there's an emergency. There's always an emergency, it's an OR, and a Level One Trauma at that. Fine. Rearrange where people are because no, it's been like over four, five years since I've done Hearts, I'm not going into a heart emergency. Ear Nose Throat? Yes, that's quite do-able.

I appreciate the vote of confidence in clinical skills. On the other hand, I'd like to see a bit more critical thinking on some other individual's part. Not in this case, the Charge Nut had thought through quickly to the probability that I may not be up to speed on the particular needs, and so we played musical rooms.

Still, there were the five messages on the pager to call the Charge Nut last week (one day) and the two voice-mails on the phone in the office that I was needed for lunch relief... from Tennessee.


I'm under the impression that situation got sorted out without my assistance.
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