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Capping the Re

Or, How I Spent My Saturday...

Carmentetta's Cottage now needs only one more branch circuit wired, the one which will provide light inside the closet that is not yet. On the other hand, we may now start insulating and placing the paneling which will comprise the ceiling. Will most probably put in the central piece first for several reasons; I can then measure out from there for the other two pieces, and I've got to cut a hole near center for the fan and light box. Round hole. Not terribly hard, but I do want it to approximate reality. *G* Also, once that center piece is up, I can mount that fan and light kit. this will provide more light in the event of need.

Once the roof insulation/ceiling is done, it's time to finish the walls, then floor, then closet.

Then I may get downright dead serious about touching up Studio 318. Almost all the materials are already purchased for what I've got left to do there. There's a spot of disassembly to do, and a decision about lights vs. electrical sockets to make (materials on hand). I find I do need to re-seal one through the roof fitting around the old stack for the now nonexistant gas heater, as with heavy rain it dribbles. The old gas heater space is to become the house-keeping cleaning supplies closet (most of the materials on hand).

After that will be conversion of our old bedroom into an office. Now that, I need to purchase some supplies to put into effect. Well, and R needs to move some things out as well, but that means either back into her Cottage, or into one or the other of the kura (barns/warehouses) we've got.

Slow but steady progress. Some of the future progress will involve clearing space in the kura anyway; R needs to clear the floor in the Cottage for us to put down the vinyl flooring. And the Cottage does need vinyl flooring. Sweeping up thread and fabric scraps off of plywood flooring is not the easiest thing to do. *G* I doubt I will do vinyl flooring in the Studio, but I'm likely to seal the plywood with paint.

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